About us

There has been fourth generation that “Hosseini’s production and trading group” specializes in producing and supplying high quality nuts and dried fruits.

We deeply believe that all nutritious industries are responsible for the health of society. So there is always a special attention to different matters such as health and hygiene, environmental effects, product lifecycle, innovation and creativity, even morality. The outcome has been a permanent and constant quality and producing excellent products in the global levels; We have attained a particular trust of end user, qualitative and hygienic spectator organizations, so that productions of this group has faced popular consideration in other countries besides Iran. Since per capita rate of nuts in the world increased, managers of this group decide to combine tradition and industry to make a new brand called “Shoorin; by this brand they prospect to present their high quality products in different packing and larger volumes.

Undoubtedly, perfect quality underlies development and excellence. Therefore, we are trying to obtain a specific portion of electronic commerce in the modern worldwide trade by employing specialized workforce and using modern technology concurrence with continuation of technology and knowledge improvement process by entering the electronic commerce business.

Certificates and awards