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Fig types
There are over 600 varieties of fig trees which most of them are wild and ornamental and just 3 types of it are harvested for their fruits.
Due to difference in appearance of dried figs they are classified in the following formats by gardeners and sellers:
1-Premium dried fig
2-Open mouth-dried fig
3-Dried fig (101)-grade 1 & 2
4-Dried fig in grades: AAA, AA, A, B, C



Per capita consumption of dried fig in Iran and other countries
According to official statistical information of International Nut & Dried Fruit Council the production average of dried fig is around 135000 Mtn/year in last five years, that, Turkey is the world leader and shares 55% of world total production followed by Iran which shares %17, USA shares %7 in the world ranking. Also other countries such as Greece, Afghanistan, Spain and Italy produce dried fig. Iranian dried fig, especially Estahban dried figs are unique in quality on the global level. Based on INC official statistics, per capita consumption of dried fig is around 35gr in Iran and 20gr in the world.


Dried fig processing method
Figs are dried by sun-drying or industrial, and both methods are used in some factories. When fig is dried by sun, it takes more time to produce final product, while it is produced faster by industrial method. Sun light is used to dry figs in gardens mainly. In this  method the fruit lasts on the tree until it is half-dried. After fruits are fallen from trees and collected, they will be placed in a special location already made but dry air and drying materials are used in order to dry fruits in the factories. 

Iranian dried fig

Dried fig Quality Control
Appearance shape, product size, product color, product taste, opening mouth percentage, product moisturize and product health are important factors to control the quality of dried figs. For maximum sizes and more (in open mouth products) and the colors are yellow and white.


Dried fig Consumption
This product is used in following industries:
- Nut and dried fruit industry
- Pharmaceutical
- Confectionary (jam, ice cream, marmalade)
Dried fig storage
The most important factors to store dried fig are the environment temperature, light and dryness in order to avoid increasing the Aflatoxin rate of product. Because the dried fruits have high potential to absorb the environment moisture. Additionally the storage conditions should keep the product safe of insects attack.


Production areas of Iranian dried fig
The major share of producing dried fig in Iran belongs to Fars province (more than %95) which the best ones are produced in Estahban, Neiriz, Absard, Jahrom cities. But it is also produced in other provinces such as Khorasan, Kermanshah, Khoozestan and Kerman.

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