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Types of Raisin
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Per capita consumption and production of raisin in Iran and other countries
According the official statistics provided by International Nut &Dried Fruit Council (INC), about 1.3 million Mt types of raisins were produced in the world in crop year 2016/2017, which Turkey reached his highest record of production capacities with more than %60 increasing in comparison with last year. The United States shares %19, Iran shares %16 and other countries such as India and China followed in next steps. The major consumption of raisin in the world belongs to The United States, China, England and Germany.
Per capita consumption of raisin is 460gr/year in Iran and 180gr/year in the world based on average consumption of last five years.
Raisin manufacturing process
Different types of raisin are presented in the markets based on grape type, drying process and conditions, permitted additives. Various levels of raisin production are classified in following steps as follows: choosing raw material, preparation, drying (by sunlight or permitted additive), packing and storage. All types of grape are not suitable to produce raisin because when raisin has seed the quality reduces. So the most types of grapes which are used to produce different types of raisin are seedless raisins. And seedless
grapes are the most harvested types in Iran.

types of raisin

Raisin quality control

Missing any dead or live pest, missing foreign matters or stone, percentage of seed and stalk raisins, percentage of moisture(less than %15), percentage of damaged or undeveloped berries, color and thickness of skin, form of product, product taste and product size (which is counted based on number of berries in 100gr classified in small, standard, medium and big sizes) are the most important factors for all types of raisin quality control.


Raisin consumption

Raisin is used in following industries:

1-Nut and dried fruits         2-Confictionary and chocolate     3-Oiling      4-Cooking



Raisin storage

In order to store raisin it is very essential to observe hygienic rules and protect raisin against storage pests. The storage area should be cold and dry to help protecting the product color, taste and smell.  

The lack of moisture penetration into the warehouse is very effective in the raisin quality. To achieve this goal, it is important to clean and disinfect the warehouse area. The best condition to store raisin is less than 8°c and 45% to %55 moisture. The higher degree raisins may be damaged by insects.

Raisin producing areas in Iran

Now a days raisin is produced all over Iran but the best types are producing in Khorasan, Ghzvin, Eastern and Western Azerbaijan provinces especially in Takestan, Kashmar,Ghazvin, Malayer, …. Cities.
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