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Watermelon Seed

Types of watermelon seed

Watermelon seeds are in different types of white, black and red colors.This type of watermelon has so many seeds inside and is called nut watermelon too. The red seed which is called Japanese in Iran was planted in Jaban a village around Damavand and in passage of time its name has been changed to Japanese (Jabanies) and the white type is called Kalaleh or Mahbooby.


Per capita producing of watermelon seed in Iran

There is not a real statistics about production amount of this type of seeds in Iran but it is approximated that around 20000 Mtn watermelon seed is producing in Iran in a year.


Watermelon seed manufacturing process

To manufacture watermelon seed, the seeds are separated manually or by machinery when the watermelon is completely ripe. They are dried industrially (by dryer machine) or in traditional processes (under sun light) and when the impurities are separated the raw seeds are ready.
watermelon seed

Watermelon seed quality control

Appearance shape, size (length and width), product color, product moisturize and health, product uniformity, non-visible groove on seed surface, flat surface, kernel volume and impurity amount are important factors to control the quality of watermelon seeds.

For Iranian seeds there is no standard sizing method but for foreign seeds size is commonly determined by the number reached of setting ten seeds by width along of a ruler. Bigger number, bigger size and accordingly the size of seed is small, medium or big.



Watermelon seed consumption

The major consumption of red and Kalaleh watermelon seed is in nuts.


Watermelon seed producing areas in Iran

Now a days nut watermelon is mainly planted in Northern Khorasan, Southern Khorasan, Razavi Khorasan provinces especially in Sabzevar and Neishaboor cities and the white type is planted in Golestan Province, mainly in Kalaleh city. Also there is a good market for this product in Arab countries.
watermelon seed

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