Products - Walnut

Walnut in its in-shelled type and walnut kernels are produced in the form of sliced and slivered parts in different packings.

Nutrition Facts

- Nutritional Value (100gr) Unit
Energy 654 Kilo Calories
Protein 15.23 Grams
Fat 65.21 Grams
Carbohydrate 13.71 Grams
Fiber 6.7 Grams
Vitamin A 20 (IU)
Vitamin C 1.3 Milligram
Vitamin E 0 Milligram
Calcium 98 Milligram
Iron 2.91 Milligram
Magnesium 158 Milligram
Phosphorus 346 Milligram
Potassium 441 Milligram
Zinc 3.09 Milligram

About Walnut

A long time ago, walnut has been planted in different regions of Iran; Its consumption has been promoted in other areas of the world gradually. The most famous available types of walnut  in Iran consist of: walnut in-shell, Makouie, cluster, Khorasan walnut. Various usages of walnut in all meals and food industries caused a profitable business for this product in the world.