Products - Pumpkin seed

Types of pumpkin seeds including tiny, fleshy and shine skin are supplied into raw and roasted in various cooking and packing.

Nutrition Facts

- Nutritional Value (100gr) Unit
Energy 559 Kilo Calories
Protein 30.23 Grams
Fat 49.05 Grams
Carbohydrate 10.71 Grams
Fiber 6 Grams
Vitamin A 16 (IU)
Vitamin C 1.9 Milligram
Vitamin E 2.18 Milligram
Calcium 46 Milligram
Iron 8.82 Milligram
Magnesium 5.92 Milligram
Phosphorus 1233 Milligram
Potassium 809 Milligram
Zinc 7.81 Milligram

About Pumpkin Seed

This plant is native to tropical and semitropical regions; it has been expanded from American tropical areas to other parts of the globe. Most of this crop in Iran is planted in Khorasan, Mazandaran, Azarbaijan, Hamedan and Fars provinces. According to its pharmaceutical properties, its raw and roasted are  more popular.