Products - Pistachio

Akbari pistachio ounces of 18-20, 20-22 and 22-24 ; AhmadAghaei pistachio ounces of 24-26 and 26-28; Fandoghi pistachio ounces of 28-30 and 30-32 and Badami pistachio ounces of 28-30 and 30-32 all supplied into raw and roasted in different flavors and packages.

Nutrition Facts

- Nutritional Value (100gr) Unit
Energy 557 Kilo Calories
Protein 20.96 Grams
Fat 44.44 Grams
Carbohydrate 27.97 Grams
Fiber 10.3 Grams
Vitamin A 553 (IU)
Vitamin C 5 Milligram
Vitamin E 22.6 Milligram
Calcium 107 Milligram
Iron 4.15 Milligram
Magnesium - Milligram
Phosphorus - Milligram
Potassium - Milligram
Zinc 2.2 Milligram

About Pistachios

North-east forests of Iran were the birthplace of pistachio 4000 years ago. Gradually Its cultivation has been promoted in other parts of the country; so that Iran is in the first place of producing this crop for quality and quantity, this country has been always one of the most important and biggest exporters of pistachio in the world. Nowadays consumption of pistachio has a particular place in most countries.