Products - Peanut

Different kinds of peanut kernels are supplied in several packing including Persian peanut kernel (Iranian product), Chinese peanut kernel and red skin, Bold and java Indian peanut kernel and types of peanuts with Indian and Chinese skin into raw and roasted.

Nutrition Facts

- Nutritional Value (100gr) Unit
Energy 567 Kilo Calories
Protein 25.80 Grams
Fat 49.24 Grams
Carbohydrate 16.13 Grams
Fiber 8.5 Grams
Vitamin A 0 (IU)
Vitamin C 0 Milligram
Vitamin E 8.33 Milligram
Calcium 92 Milligram
Iron 4.58 Milligram
Magnesium - Milligram
Phosphorus - Milligram
Potassium - Milligram
Zinc 3.27 Milligram

About Peanut

 Peanut is native to South America and it has been developed to different parts of the world from that country. Its Iranian type has a special flavor but its Chinese and Indian types has a major portion in the global market.