Products - Almond

Almond in-shell and Almond kernels,raw and roasted almond based on its number in one ounce in different sizes of (18-20), (20-22), (23-25), (25-27), (27-30), (30-32) can be supplied in different cookings and packings.

Nutrition Facts

- Nutritional Value (100gr) Unit
Energy 614 Kilo Calories
Protein 20.96 Grams
Fat 55.50 Grams
Carbohydrate 18.82 Grams
Fiber 10.3 Grams
Vitamin A 1 (IU)
Vitamin C 0 Milligram
Vitamin E 24.21 Milligram
Calcium 347 Milligram
Iron 2.49 Milligram
Magnesium - Milligram
Phosphorus - Milligram
Potassium - Milligram
Zinc 3.29 Milligram

About Almond

Almond tree is native to Middle Asia and Middle East. The almond localization process has been started by choosing the sweet ones from bitter wild almonds. The top Almond producing countries are produce are The USA, Spain, Australia and Iran